Karl Hermann Bremeyer
Over the last thirty years I was able to contribute, in a variety of positions in national and international corporations, to the growth of said companies. The last sixteen years I worked in the biotech industry, mainly for Chiron and Maxim Pharmaceuticals. For Chiron I worked for over ten years in a range of positions such as Managing Director Germany, Vice President Commercial Operations Europe, Vice President Chiron Vaccines Marketing and Sales Worldwide and Head of Chiron Biopharma Europe. Further, I was running the European Operations as Vice President for Maxim and for CSC Pharmaceuticals I established the German site. Since May 2009 I have been working as CEO at Immunservice. At the end of last year Immunservice won the 2010 Eurecan European Venture Contest (EEVC).
Through my significant management experience I have acquired a vast knowledge covering strategic and business development, clinical research, regulatory, finance and marketing/sales.
Aside from being a successful executive, I am also a team player with a good sense to work over borders and with the ability to keep the “fingers on the pulse” internally and externally to overcome challenges and limltations.
Implementation and reorganization of pharmaceutical/biotechnological companies/departments.
Driving academic discoveries into marketable products.
Business and product development.
Strong strategic and tactical skills.
Strategic consulting, business implementation and development, transfer of companies, products and technologies.
Merger & Acquisition Business projects with: Angelini Italy, Immunsystems Sweden, Oncoscience Germany, Serapeutics Germany, Vaccine Management Project Germany, Medi-Handel Germany, Prometheus USA, Melagenix Germany, CIGA Ireland, Boltendahl Business and Strategy Spain etc.
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